Calling for Committee

August 15, 2010

To all Sapphire Pearls Malaysia members,

we are planning on having a

Rumah Terbuka Charity for Anak Yatim

on 2nd of October 2010.

We kindly ask for your co-operation

on becoming the committee of the event.

Whoever who wants to join us and

become the sub-committee,

please send your details …


Phone Number:



Send them to and

the subject of the email is :

Hari Raya Event Committe

Breaking Announcement!! [UPDATED WITH LINKS]

December 29, 2009

First of all, the members who had ordered the OnlySJ T-Shirt which we regard as a symbol of unity to our Super Junior fandom in Malaysia; the t-shirts are going to be sent to you in January 2010. Our apologize for making you guys waiting for so long, it was something unavoidable and none of us would like to let you guys wait for any longer. We hope you would understand our situation.

Just to inform you guys that Sapphirepearls Malaysia is MOVING their announcement blog  due to some technical reasons. It is going to be fresh and there are lots of things for you guys to look out for. The new blog would be up soon right on 1st January 2010.

Also, at the same date, we are going to debut Malaysia’s very own spazzing place! Yes, dudes and babes, the FORUM for you to join the fun and interact with other Super Junior lovers in Malaysia! Its going to be bilingual, Bahasa and English so it’s some where you can be very comfortable at!

12:00 a.m. (8+ GMT) we are going to post the links to our new blog and forum right here, in this post. Please anticipate both of the changes we are about to make and we hardly can’t wait to get to know you guys there! ^^

Let us all wish goodbye to 2009 with nostalgic feelings and welcome 2010 with all the hopes we had in our heart 😀

Here is our Forum Link

and New blog link!
However, its still under maintenance due to some sort of problem with out blogger account. Stay tuned to it, it’ll be there shortly to cater your news of MalaysiaXSuper Junior 😀

Please give them a lots of love 😀 Thank you for staying with us!

Remix Sorry Sorry Debut Stage 221209

December 24, 2009

Here goes the debut stage video of Sapphirepearls Malaysia Dance team

info of SPMSIA dance : First we started off with Sorry Sorry answer but then the radio got something wrong so one of the member tried to fix it but the song turn to Rokkugo, then the other members doesn’t approve the song so then dance to Super Girl follow by Yoriwang,Don’t Don and Neorago. Finally they dance Sorry Sorry Remix together. 😀

p/s : During the performance, the song had jumped and the team didn’t managed to do the climax of the dance which is the ‘LET’S DANCE’ part but we promised to do another video to show the full performance later.

also MYSJ dance team dancing Genie 🙂

credits : Karen@MYSJ

pictures with the whole of performers that night!

SUCCESS-Sapphirepearls Malaysia Dance Team Debut Stage!

December 24, 2009

On the 22nd Dec 2009,
for the very first time Sapphirepearls International Sub-team, Sapphirepearls Malaysia
had made their dance team debut stage at 사랑해요 (Saranghaeyo) Korea Night organized by Korea Plaza.
Many fanclubs,classes and Kpop fans who came that day.
and HAPPY to inform all of you that Sapphirepearls Malaysia Dance team had WON second prize at the event!

Sapphirepearls Malaysia Dance team

With Manager and co-managers.

Here are some photos’ of the day. 🙂

Thanks to all the ELFs and supporters that day. Seeing blue balloons being waved and the shouts of the audiences indeed are GREAT!

Sapphirepearls Malaysia dance team which is named as PEARLS will always try to do our best to improve and make interesting performances to come. Please Anticipate~*

p/s : The dance team members are not professional dancers so please understand if we did mistakes 😛

SISTERHOOD! THANKS A BUNCH TO MYSJ TEAM ~ WE LOVE YOU GUYS~ They did an AWESOME performance of Superjunior Genie Star Dance Battle dance too~

photo credits : Royalshii,Hazriq Ishak,Park Ireuma,MYSJ team

Stop all the Chaos and Please Understand~

December 24, 2009

Many ELFs had send emails, smses even called us asking bout Hankyung issues.. We hope by reading this u guys will understand and didn’t do anything bad as we have the same thinking as what MYSJ team does..

Dear Malaysia E.L.F,
We understand the feeling of this moment where every one of you is in a state of anxiety and suspicion.
The same feeling goes to the MYSJ committee team too, but this news still not fully substantiated. Here, we would like to gentle advice all members, when you reply any related news / post, please stop condemning SM Entertainment or any SJ members!
This is because we found that some member’s responses began to show disgraceful to SME, and even intricate Kang-In case together.
As all of us know, Kang-In incident is immoral by own action and he needs to bear the consequences.
According to the South Korea’s response, SME has no other choices but to stop all activities of Kang-In.
As for SJ members’ reply on their personal CY, our anxiety is far smaller than their anxious and worried right now.
If we can’t fall in sleep, do you think SJ can sleep better in this condition?
If you really care about them, please ….. Stop all these condemn no matter on SME or SJ.
Even if the outcome is not our on own expectations, we do hope everyone can understand that such incident cannot be fully blame on SME. There might be some unforeseen cases behind which we as fans cannot 100% comprehend.

If is without SME, today, you might not be an E.L.F. There would not be a group of such outstanding artistes named Super Junior, and there would not be a concord of Sapphire Blue world.
From the very first moment when each SJ members sign the contract with SME, they already understand the path that they have chosen will be a very hard one!

E.L.F’s, if you can be more sensible and look forward … there are things which might not causes so much argument!
When you have decided to name yourself as E.L.F, you should have decided to always keep in faith and support to SJ no matter what happen.
At last but not least, now what we can do as E.L.F is just waiting for the legitimacy, sustain for what SJ believes what we believe!
We would greatly appreciate if you can stop every speculation immediately!
Always bear in mind: E.L.F. make SJ proud because E.L.F are rational.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Credits : Karen@MYSJ

[DOWNLOAD] 1population 1world: dance video (mirrored)

December 17, 2009

Download it please, I couldn’t upload it at YouTube. Laptop is slow.

Sorry for taking my own sweet time for this ^^; Here is the mirrored version of the 1p1w dance so you could practice at home.   A mirrored one is made so you could do the exact steps without thinking of it as right or left 😀

And just to remind you what dance am I talking about, please read it here ^^


December 11, 2009

In 2009, Korea Plaza has offered various interesting classes such as Hangul (Korean language) classes, Korean cooking classes, K-pop singing classes, Korean traditional dance classes and many more. We thank you for the positive feedback & support.

As a token of appreciation for those who have been supporting us, we will be throwing a pre-Christmas celebration party on 22 Dec 09, where our guests can come together to celebrate & share their experience that they have gained at Korea Plaza.

Details of the event are as follows:-
Date: 22 Dec 09
Time: From 6.30pm onwards
Venue: Korea Plaza, Menara Hap Seng

Admission fee:
RM 10 (All collections will be donated to House of Joy –

There will be battle performances between Korea Plaza language, singing, traditional dance class students and Hallyu Fans Club (Super Junior fans club (MYSJ & SPMsia) & 2pm fans club]. We have an interesting line-up specially for you, such as such as Korean poetry presentation, traditional dance, Christmas carol, K-pop & many more.

All guests get to vote for their favourite group. The Top 3 group will win:-
Grand Prize: RM 500 worth of Korean restaurant voucher
2nd Prize: RM 300 worth of Korean restaurant voucher
3rd Prize: RM 200 worth of Korean restaurant voucher

MVP (Best performer of the night) will win:-

We will also be featuring b’boy performances by our local b’boy group – Royal Phantom Dance Crew.

Apart from performances, we will be serving special Korean buffet dinner (e.g Kimchi, Japchae & etc.).

On top of that, we will have the usual lucky draw sessions where we have 1 LG MOBILE PHONE & 5 sets of KOREAN CUTLERY SETS to be given away!!

*Are you interested to join this event????

Kindly follow the step below:

1)Send your details (full name, age, contact no) to

2)About the entry fee, I will advised “how to make payment’ in the email.

3)Kindly send your details before 19 Disember 2009 12noon.

Hope you all can join this event. Please support our team performance~

Credit to: Korean Plaza@facebook