Welcome to Malaysian Sapphire Pearls Page

Hi, welcome!!!

This blog is created for all E.L.Fs of Malaysia.

It will encounter your hungerness in Super Junior latest news, current schedule, latest updates on Cyworld, latest shows and performances and etc.

We will also announce any news on any projects or activities that Sapphire Pearls will be conducting.

The first Malaysian E.L.F Gathering was success on the 7th of March 2009.

Hope that the bond between the Malaysian E.L.F will grow much stronger in future time and feel free to join us.

Thank You.

Author’s Note:

You may contact any one of us for more information;


ziera lee


p/s: we speak malay too 🙂

6 Responses to Welcome to Malaysian Sapphire Pearls Page

  1. Nicky says:

    nice to meet u guyz here…
    i’m from malaysia …


  2. scherzoax says:

    hi!!!!nice knowing dat msia also hav sapphire pearls!!~hope 2 see more from u guys..suju roxx the world!!~

  3. fishama87 says:

    wsalam..nice to see you too…hope you can support our blog more..
    we will our best to updates more about suju here…


    we are the sub group of SP…support both blog ok…

  4. melissa says:

    its so nice,,nw msia has sapphire pearls too,,hehe..

  5. jmay1105 says:

    hi guys!!
    i happened to stumble on tis site thru sapphirepearls n realised tat malaysia has alot of ELF! so nice!! i didnt know ELF in malaysia are so active~ very proud on all the activities u guys have done, i am sure the boys will be proud too! lets cross fingers tat SUJU will go to Malaysia, then I can go bak malaysia to see SUJU! yay!

  6. park baram says:

    wahhhhhhhhhhh..malaysia also has it’s own sapphirepearls blog..surprised me..how can i join u guys???proud to be the fans of suju..reply me..and come and join me on my chatroll http://chatroll.com/super-junior-forever …spread our love all around the world..

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