Super Junior Repackage Album Updates

Popular group Super Junior’s will challenge the composer of for 2 consecutive hits.

The popularity of 3rd album title will overlap their activities with E-Tribe’s song.

The title of the song is <너라고 (It’s You)>.

E-Tribe is a well known composer with Lee Hyori’s and SNSD’s This song won’t be included on Super Junior 3rd album but will be included on the Repackage album which will be released on May 7th.

Recently, when the reporters met them and asked about their expectations for the song, Super Junior said that “The title song on this album actually and E-Tribe are competing for it.

E-Tribe’s song is also a sophisticated and addictive song which will attract the fans more into it.”

E-Tribe said that this song can be summarized into “cheerful contemporary music”.

This song special features is using synthesizers and MIDI which raise the beat and make it into an electronic music.

Fans are expecting another big hit when E-Tribe’s music style meets with Super Junior.

Meanwhile, in this album, Ryeowook’s music composition and Sungmin’s lyrics on <첫번째 이야기 (Love U More)> is also a good song.

original source: sj-market credit: whiteuk@SJ-WORLD.NET

Another news…

  • Another song by Super Junior (probably for repackage album) title is “I’M ON IT”
  • Original artist is Brandon Fraley and Joshua Welton (so it seems it’s a remake, I don’t know who wrote the korean lyrics)Sounds like it will be a ballad When listening to those two artists overall songs.
    It doesn’t seem like any “I’m on it” song has been released by any of the two though.
    I can’t find any collab song by them either.

This is credited to sj-world admin Alice. Thank You so much Alice~!!

6 Responses to Super Junior Repackage Album Updates

  1. scherzoax says:

    heck!~ i want da repackage album badly~~but im broke now…T.T

    • cinderziera says:

      if you buy it with yesasia… it will cost u rm42… i think the price is ok~

      • scherzoax says:

        really?so now the pre-orders r out?ermm..can i know how 2 buy them through yesasia?i never did it b4~tq 4 ur info nway

      • cinderziera says:

        i wrote the link in the latest news… check it out…!

      • scherzoax says:

        about da payment?how all these pre-orders work?need some help here~

      • cinderziera says:

        sorry for late reply.. been busy with classes.
        u must have a credit card or paypal to order with yesasia.
        all u need to do is enter all the details needed and u have to send a verification of the statement of your credit card to yesasia…
        *they will guide you throughout the process…
        hope i gave a good help for you bout it~

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