It’s You Teaser


It’s out!

It’s you is out!!!!

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After some consideration, both topics with the screencaps of Super Junior’s new MV, as well as the 30 second audio teaser were deleted. There was a clear reason behind the deletion of the screencaps, as the images themselves had <퍼가면 죽일꺼야> written all over them, meaning <If you redistribute, I’m going to kill you> – I wasn’t aware of that until much later, though, since I was studying and I only talked with Alice on MSN.

Alice and I found ourselves discussing for nearly an hour about what we should do with the new song. We were extremely excited, since it’s definitely an amazing song; at first we thought of not sharing it at all, but it seemed selfish on one hand, not to mention that the mp3 was all over Chinese websites already. Then we thought of cutting the song and releasing only 1 minute; however, even just 1 minute seemed too much, so we eventually decided to go for a 30 second teaser, just like SM Entertainment did with <SORRY,SORRY>.

The 30 second teaser was posted here with good intentions, we have links to YesAsia telling you to pre-order the album, and the topic with the teaser itself had numerous links to YesAsia. As Ali is kindly trying to point out to me, allowing people to listen to 30 seconds of a new song perks up the interest and is good promotion; nevertheless, the teaser is not official, so SJ-WORLD.NET decided to fully delete all topics with all unofficial material to be fair towards the boys.

If you are unsure about whether you can take something out or not, PM me, and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

PS. there are words of it being a digital single, but until someone can confirm that to me, we won’t be sharing anything.

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  1. melayu boleh says:

    ermmm… i just read your blog.. nice info and good tips..

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