090509 HeeChul CY Update



The first online games I played with my friends

‘K.O.F’, ‘Samurai Shodown’, ‘Teken’

Games which made me hang out in game lounges and devote my time to internet cafes

Games which were nearly deleted by (my) mother who caught me secretly turning on the computer every night to play
Games which almost got me thrown out of the house after I rushed to internet cafes to play all night once examinations ended
Games which nearly had us thrown out of internet cafes after we collectively did castle sieges overnight when new servers were opened
Games which helped me stay away from adult videos because I would be thinking of leveling up while watching adult videos as an adolescent student

Maps I have played before.. Ishilotte, Sayha, CidRachouㅡㅡ^
Because I only know these three places..
There are simply too many servers now;; might as well just remain in Ishilotte


In my vague memory.. (From this point onwards, only those who play Lineage will understandㅋ)

The first person to reach level 50 at that time was Gumunryung? That’s right;; there was such a person
I was a magician then.. Always surviving in a town of ruins after being defeated
After learning 이럽션 * and haste, I used them everywhere and got demoted
In my 3rd year in high school, female magicians were created rightㅡㅡ?
Heard a dog race was released and competed with my friends.
While creating (my) character, I spent the whole day casting the dice
Level up at MP 6? I was so close to it, but had to start leveling up all over again after getting demoted..
I was demoted 12 levels and leveled up to 6, becoming a cursed character;;
Rule the dungeons and lands? Something like that..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Ah! And the highly addictive background music..

ddeureu ddeureuddeu deuddeuddeuddeu ddeuddeudeudeudeu deudeu ~♬
(Early ancestors of songs with repetitive lines)

Anyway.. This is a memory that people who do not play will not understandㅋㅋ

Star, Lineage, Fortress, HADURI.. I have played all these tooㅋㅋ

I was in my 2nd~3rd year in high school then.. 10 years have passed


Not sure what got into me, recalling things from the past, and played a little of Lineage
Heol.. The number of jobs has increased, the background music has also changed;; Much have changed..

This, really.. I feel like I have aged..
I have also become graceful with age.. Always recalling the past because of trivial things

Come, Undead!!
What are your memories?


A power/skill in Lineage
And if you are interested, the character in the centre of the screencap is named ‘Heenim’.


潇娅Oo嫘∮@ SJBlueCn
bonbon58 & battleuphoria @ SJ-World.net for information

Translation from Chinese to English by yurim_sj♥ @ SJ-World.net

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