The Reasons Why SJ KiBum did not join Super Junior with their Album Promotions


The recent release of Super Junior’s 3rd album lately, member KiBum (22) was not seen promoting the album title song ‘Sorry Sorry’ together with the rest of the group.

Netizens starting discussions on the internet about him ‘leaving the group’ or ‘because of his weight gain, he did not do promotions with the group’ etc. And lately, there has been many comparison of his photos about him gaining much weight going on on the internet.

The reason for his no-show was said to be that he was taking acting lessons. SM Entertainment said, “KiBum did the recording for Super Junior’s 3rd album too. There is not such thing as him leaving the group. He is currently taking acting classes, and hence he could not join the rest for the album promotions.”

“A while back, he filmed for LG OZ CF. Soon, he will be able to present to everyone himself in an upcoming good production.”

KiBum is the member in Super Junior with the greatest volume of acting activities. He took part in KBS drama ‘April’s Kiss’ in 2004, and then went on to SBS drama ‘Marrying a millionaire’, KBS2 ‘Rounding Off 2′, SBS ‘Snowflower’ etc.


  • Still as a fan I want to see them all 13 together..because SUPER JUNIOR are the best and most handsome when all 13 performs together.
  • But, I want the best for him..Kim Kibum, whatever you choose to make and become..I will always support you with all my heart..ELF and your 12 other brothers will always with you..Kibum Hwaitng..Suju Hwaiting~

2 Responses to The Reasons Why SJ KiBum did not join Super Junior with their Album Promotions

  1. aina says:

    i want to see him 2….

    2gether with 12 members.

    plz, hurry..come back to them.
    we really really miss him.

  2. nana says:

    i am one of his fan..
    just want to say..
    i quite frustrated to see the pic the title..
    there are only 12 members, without kibum..

    so..i hope u will use the pic with all 13 members
    i feel like they are only 12 members in it..

    sorry for this comments..

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