Let’s Laugh 2gether ^^


I was busy searching for SJ new pics..while busy searching i opened back my photobucket old folder..keke..I found suju funny pics caption.. wanted to share it with u guys..

AWWWW!~ siwonnie so funny..the captions really suits the pic ne..


hahaha!!! this pic so cute..

this one is my fav!!! hankyung complain to siwon bout a guy who hit him..LOL..

man~~ henry vwords..so funny~

Lauism!!~~ keke..

i have plenty more pictures.. but will share it with u guys some other time yea~ šŸ™‚ hope u guys had a good laugh today..

4 Responses to Let’s Laugh 2gether ^^

  1. Heekmah says:

    hahaha Lauism! XD
    seriously he looks so cute in the pic *-*
    and OMG all the pics cracks me up!HAHAHAHA XD
    thanks for sharing these. XD

  2. nut-.-ME says:

    those pic~
    really funny…
    thanx 4 sharing…^^
    can’t wait 4 more pic…hihi

  3. cherrykyu says:

    the pictures is totally kyute

  4. mulan77 says:

    hahahah the caps soo funny…

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