‘Sorry Sorry’ by Progression

During the “We Care We Share” event last two weeks, for those who didn’t able to come to the event there’s actually a performance by dance group named ‘PROGRESSION’..

u guys no need to feel bad cuz there’s a video of their performance that day..

What do uĀ  think??Comments bout their performance are WELCOMED~ ^^

btw my comment for them :

U GUYS ROCK~~ although some of the steps kinda messy but its okay.. šŸ™‚ is this ur first performance in public?? i want to say WELL DONE.. šŸ™‚ will look forward for more performances from u guys.. šŸ™‚ i have a question..hm,.. is the one who be eunhyuk the leader of this dance group??

oh and one more thing,.. everytime i watch this video i feel like dancing . šŸ˜›

3 Responses to ‘Sorry Sorry’ by Progression

  1. Heekmah says:

    that one guy look so handsome *blush*
    i dont think its their first though.i saw their YT account.so many videos *-*
    good job! XD

  2. eunhoon says:

    LOL~agree with heekmah…that guy so handsome……
    GOOD JOB u guys

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