Super Show in Malaysia???

During Super Show 2 (SS) PRESS CONFERENCE, one of the question being asked was the locations they planning to go for their very second tour.. this is their answer :

Teuk: This time, at the ‘Asia Tour’ Seoul Concert, many overseas fans came and so we were thankful. Sooner or later we plan on seeking out Thailand too so please wait for us.

Kangin: On the way to Apgoojeong Rodeo there seemed to be very many foreigners. From the way it was, it seems as though all those people came to see our performance. (Laughs)

Yesung: This time we’re planning on going to more places than the first Asia Tour.

Leeteuk: Last time, we held concerts at 10 locations, this time we planned on going to 15 locations. We’re holding the concert at many countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, etc.

Shindong: For foreign concerts we’re even planning on preparing local songs.

p/s : singing in local songs?? omo~ if they do come here i wonder what malay song will they choose to sing,..keke

Taken from SP international. Credits to them. you guys can read the FULL SS PRESS CONFERENCE HERE! 🙂

wow~ i just hope this is TRUE!! will definitely go if they come what u waiting for elfs?? keep ur money for the concert from now on..hehe..we will definitely keep track for more info bout this and will inform u guys if its confirmed.. for the time being just wait patiently yeah..last time  they also mention want to come here but they didn’t..let’s pray for them to come here.. 🙂

pic taken from photobucket.credits : beckyw805

22 Responses to Super Show in Malaysia???

  1. Heekmah says:

    i’m excited already *-*
    but yeah we can’t be too excited.the past would probably happen again. T-T

  2. missbutton says:

    Well I really hope they do come if not i have to go to Thailand to watch the super show cause i’ll bet they will go there. so far about 60 people in malaysia want them to come here. so sad

  3. REMAGnae88Luv says:

    Arhhh!~ Cant wait for them to come to Malaysia. Huhu..

  4. honeymoney says:

    OMG! i can’t wait!!
    suju fightie!

  5. cherrykyu says:

    ooooooo.really???????????they’re coming to malaysia.please inform me more about this becoz i really want to go.but idon’t know how,,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. luna miko says:

    i hope i can go..

  7. 성민sungminism마리아 says:

    hope they will come to malaysia cause it’s really hard if they don’t come to malaysia then we need to go to thailand to watch them performing…..please x100000 come to malaysia

  8. taokeinoi90 says:

    To all,
    Super Show 2 in Malaysia is still not confirm yet. We didn’t get any latest news of it yet. Please be patience and any latest news we will definitely inform you guys. So just Stay Tune~ 🙂
    If its confirm, we can go to SS2 together.. and make SJ proud with Malaysian ELF~*

  9. missbutton says:

    Those who wish to see Super Show II in Malaysia and want to discuss on how to bring them here …please be at Times Square on Sunday 11/10/2009 at 11 am.

    please email me at for more details

  10. anothersujufan says:

    pls … pls…. come!!!!!
    i’ve been waiting for sooooo long….
    pls come and sweep us off our feet with ur charm!!!!

  11. Mr.Carrot35 says:

    I’ve foolishly failed to observe the game rules. ,

  12. Red21 says:

    Its like trying to control the weather, at this point, mother nature is gonna do what she wants to do. ,

  13. eirie says:

    laa tringin nk pegi tp my parents seem wont let me out
    haa gosh! tringin sngt nk g event cmni T.T

  14. e-mah says:

    really hoping they’ll come 2 malaysia…love u guys forever

  15. park baram says:

    i think that they wont come..they said that taiwan is the last malaysia on their sad..if i’m not true..correct,i dont have hope that suju will come to malaysia..

  16. eszfarina says:

    please inform me the latest news about super show plan…
    i been waiting it for so long..

  17. munie says:

    hope suju will come here..
    aaaahh..cant wait..
    love suju 4ever.

  18. eszfarina says:

    i’m totally envy with those fan who attend fan-meeting at Taiwan and also the concert at Thailand….
    please Suju oppa!!!come here….

  19. eyqamyqa says:

    omg ! seriously. i can’t stand with this.
    Im so excited. like hell! I can’t wait suju come malaysian. sing ‘rasa sayang hey’ maybe ! HAHAHA

  20. KKC says:

    now our wish has been granted…since they’re coming this March…can’t wait to see them LIVE!!

  21. eszfarina says:

    yeah,now our wish is granted and let’s go to the concert together!!!!!i’m feeling excited…..

  22. anothersujufan says:

    yes, they’re coming!! i’m so happy now!!

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