SP Featured in EPop 223rd Edition


I was on my way back from IIUM to Klang and stopped by News.Com at the railway station. I looked through the magazine, EPop and found a postcard of Siwon, Ariel Lin and Donghae, and without any hesitation, grabbed them off!

Well, I was listening to my Mp3, sitting down in a crowded place (in the train, exactly) and was browsing the magazine one page to another. I stopped at a familiar picture. What the heck is this?!!! I browsed more and saw my pictures (the pictures that I took myself with my own camera) were posted in the magazine. I saw some Sapphire Pearls and MYSJ words, which definitely roman and I understood. Hahaha.

I called Fiza, told her about it and called Karen, I told her I’m happy and millions of thanks.

Since we’re both sisters, MYSJ & Sapphire Pearls, we’ll be doing more work together after this. Hope our love will remain forever.

Here are some caps~

5 Responses to SP Featured in EPop 223rd Edition

  1. fishama87 says:

    TQ for informing me ziera~want to buy extra copies of this magazine..hehehehe

  2. stalker93 says:

    ahhhhhh! *happy for you guys* wanna share this on the sp blog ^^

  3. Idie says:

    Eh? You’re from IIUM too? ><"
    Why I didn't know you earlier
    We usually gather and watch videos by Suju every Friday at Asiah
    The CC at Asiah is a Kyumaniac herself lol XD She even let me surf the net ONLY for Suju
    Too bad, we've graduated last convo. If only we met earlier *sigh*

    • cinderziera says:

      i’m living in Asiah too… second year… hee 🙂
      i didnt go to CC often~
      but i heard from friends bout people laughing a lot and listening to suju haengbok…

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