annyeong haseyo…

annyeong haseyo yorobun….


mannaso banggawayo m(_ _)m

this will be my first post here as an author to this blog…

before this i just a visitor in here… fangirl of Super Junior… I’m so honoured for the opportunity that SPMalaysia give to me…

i don’t know what to share here I hope i can contribute a lots in this blog

i would like to share to you the pictures which i took during my trip for the 2nd super show in seoul korea this year..

only the lite stick picture was taken at bangkok super show last year…

sorry sorry sorry if i made some mistake in this post…

i’m still learning…



9 Responses to annyeong haseyo…

  1. taokeinoi90 says:

    OMG!! u’ve been to Super Show already?? omona~* so great~*envy envy* Welcome to our team unnie 🙂 Hope to c u soon 🙂 Good first post.. 🙂
    btw, seems like unnie’s seat during super show can see the boys quite clear.. omo~ i just hope i was there..

    • missmulan77 says:

      actually the stadium is big but not as big as impact arena in bangkok seoul we can see them clearly even we seat at the upper level.. actually i was surprised because our seat consider far from stage… but we can see them.. we got lucky because most of them (except shindong & sungmin) went up to the fans & they passed in front of us one by one…it was really a good memories & experiences..

      i really hope they will have 2nd Super Show in Malaysia this time..

      thanks taokeinoi90.. how can i called you?

  2. taokeinoi90 says:

    maybe u could share your experience during the Super Show later 🙂

  3. taokeinoi90 says:

    haha.. I’m ninonoi. You can just call me that 🙂
    WAAAAHH~~ i really envy you already meeting all the boys face2face.. yeah~ i really hope they will come here for Super Show 2.. it would be so great..
    let’s go together if they come yea~*

  4. missmulan77 says:

    ok ninonoi… ^__^

    no need to be envy… pray hard that we will meet them again someday in Malaysia…

    yeah!! fangirling!!!

  5. balkish says:

    anneyeong mulan~~, not sure to call u unnie or 23… wow oredy been to super show how lucky you are..kekekeke also hoping to see u soon…

  6. mulan77 says:

    i’m unnie.. hahaha…Super Junior should be proud because i’ve never been to any concert before… in Malaysia or outside.. Super Show was my First COncert ^__^..

    me too hope to see you soon…

  7. LuffSuJu says:

    annyeong… waaa…. i envy you!!..
    hope i was there!! btw… how about sushow at bangkok??
    are you going there??.. sushow at bangkok are going to hold on 28/29 Nov hajiman that day we’ll celebrate raya haji right??.. (am i right??)so.. are you going there?? if you are.. waaa… send my regard to my shinlang okay!! (i mean Hyukkie.. ahaha…)
    btw.. also send my regard to sungmin!! ekekeke….

  8. missmulan77 says:

    annyeong… will send your regard to hyukkie & sungmin in bkk ^_^

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