Thai ELF shows support to Kangin

Recently, Kangin was in Thailand for 12+ CF photoshoot and the dedicated Thai ELFs made a support banners for him. It was told that the banners was almost 7.5 metres long!

These are the pics of the super duper cool (and long) support banners.





Credit to BK group and sup3rjunior@wordpress for sharing.

This is really kind of Thai ELFs, I believe all of us, Malaysian ELF also believe in Kangin. Even if we can’t show it physically, but we all have the same thinking. That is to believe in Kangin.

Kangin hwaiting! Super Junior hwaiting! E.L.F. hwaiting!

p/s: This is my first post as an author in SPMsia. Please don’t scold me if I did anything wrong. T~T And to all PMR candidates, good luck! ^-^

2 Responses to Thai ELF shows support to Kangin

  1. taokeinoi90 says:

    BELIEVE IN KANGIN!~ This is so great!!!

  2. missmulan77 says:

    Thai ELFs really sweet…i will always believe in Kangin… he wasn’t the one who started the fight…

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