SJ-T Lembu Ko???

I still remember, last year, during my first semester in college, one of my friend said to me,

“ey, you got watch a korean boyband funny video?? not direct translations of the video la. They do translation how they sounded in Malay as if they’re singing Malay..I think its the group that you like,.. “

then I said, “Oh really?? Show me.. ^-^ *excited to watch it*

vid credits : Adruce94@utube

What’s my reaction after watching the video??

OMO!! most of the lyrics sounded the same especially Eunhyuk’s and Shindong’s Rapping part~ kekeke I also feel angry a bit for them doing that to the boys but thinking that the video damn funny i totally forget bout it~* Lembu ko~ Lembu ko~ Lembu ko~ Mari meh~ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

So do tell me what is your reaction after watching the video?? πŸ™‚

8 Responses to SJ-T Lembu Ko???

  1. eunhoon says:

    i watch it!!!
    not just SJT even SMtown only love songs they made it like this….keke~

  2. taokeinoi90 says:

    really?? they made smtown only love too?? i din manage to find the video though..can u share the link?? πŸ™‚

  3. missmulan77 says:

    hahahaha..actually it was fun when watching the parody like this…

  4. hahaha i saw this before. XD
    it’s so funny.yeah i got angry too at first but then i think it’s funny.
    not to mention how much people got interested in them after knowing how handsome they are. =P this is like indirectly promoting super junior. XD
    i loled so much at the last part when there were chipmunk voice.

    “pokok” XD

  5. taokeinoi90 says:

    yeap.. seems like they really sings in Malay oo~ πŸ™‚

  6. lilyhannah says:

    i laugh my ass off when i watch this vid!!! but guess wat this vid actually introduce me to super this vid was like an indirect promotion to the boys.

  7. kibumieunhae says:

    real funny!!!

  8. mynheartsuju says:

    at first, memang rse mrh ngan org yg buat video ble tgk betul2, klakar la pulak..terutamanyer part eunhyuk,memang ada prsamaan sebutan dye..haha^__^

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