Sorry Sorry is #1 in [V]Countdown!

Just like what [V] said, “It is not a hit in Asia if it’s not in the [V] Countdown” .

Picture 17

Click HERE for full chart.

Look what I saw in Channel V website just now? XD This might be a late news for some people but I still want to share. Keke~

I think Channel V really love including Super Junior in all the stuff that is related to Asian Pop.
Before this,they include Super Junior in Battle Of The Pop battles and show Videoscope episode of Super Junior three times! And last month, Channel V and Air Asia make a contest of Super Junior,whoever that wins will get a ticket to Super Show II in Hong Kong. This is a very good sign,showing how popular Super Junior is in S.E.A..

Our hard work is somewhat paid (voting for them in BOP, requesting SJ stuffs in [V] forum,etc) so now we can give ourself a nice pats on the shoulder. =) But of course, we still have a lot more to do to achieve both Super Junior and ELF dream, that is to cover the entire world with Sapphire Blue balloons.

4 Responses to Sorry Sorry is #1 in [V]Countdown!

  1. missmulan77 says:

    suju Hwaiting!!!!!!! i know they will make it to the chart.. i’ve been waiting for this to happen.. SUJU JJANG!!! will vote for the battle of the pop again…

  2. taokeinoi90 says:

    Yes-yes.. I heard Suju is at the back of Arashi now.. so vote u guys~* every day if i switch on to channel V i will definitely watch Super Junior music videos 🙂 So great to watch on our own tv… hehe.. yeah~ Channel V is loving the boys more and more~*

  3. melody says:

    yay!now i can watch SJ on tv always~
    hey,do u know any malaysia online websites that sell kpop merchandise? >.<

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