EPOP Malay Version

GOOD NEWS MALAYSIAN ELF!!! EPOP finally released in Malay version.

Go and Buy your own first edition EPOP in Malay version now~*

U won’t want to miss the first issue..

as there are so many news bout Super Junior and not to forget, Mini Poster of the boys too.

Congrats to EPOP magazine for making this malay edition Real~

— Edited —

I’ve bought my own copy already so here goes whats inside the first Malay EPOP,
1- POP CHATROOM : Super Junior Janji Terikat Selamanya (page 18-19)
2- SNG eREPO : SUPER SHOW 2 di Hong Kong (page 20-21)
4- BOF kelahiran 1986 yang Kacak Lagi Pintar *SJ Sungmin,Donghae and Eunhyuk was included in here* (page 45)
6- Super Junior & Golf Mike Menjadi Beach Boys di Pantai (page 54)

more pictures can be seen here

credits of info : kid intan

p.s : For the Chinese Version of Epop (no.228)-Thomas and Jack as the cover, they include Super Junior Big Poster~* i bought mine already..love the poster a lot There also picture of Super Show 2, a special one page info about angel leader Eeteuk, random here there news of sjm, Super Girl(SJM) Chinese Lyrics and birthday wishes for Shindong Oppa. *seems like MYSJ coorporated with EPOP for the wishes ๐Ÿ™‚ – correct me if i’m wrong*


Big Poster SJ in Chinese EPOP edition 228

27 Responses to EPOP Malay Version

  1. mulan77 says:

    yeah…. i’m gonna buy this…this morning try to get it at 7E but…. they didn’t have it yet… will search for it tomorrow…

  2. Keul says:

    i just got this today.i was spazzing like crazy.everytime i turn to next page my eyes would *-*
    epop malay ver. is really a heaven for kpop lovers. XD

  3. aten says:

    i’ve bought it already…hehehehe

  4. balkish says:

    OMG thanx for the good news..i’ve been bought epop but being clueless know nothing..what did they say..hahahaha.. soo gonnaaa buy it soon…

  5. balkish says:

    bought it oredy

  6. mulan77 says:

    i bought it today hahaha… before me there is one girl.. she with her boyfriend maybe & i saw she bought 4 copies of epop…^_^

  7. fishama87 says:

    Just got my copies^^..happy nye…

    jom kita support this magazine forever!!~

  8. lalaismail says:

    WHY WHY WHY I didnt know about this?! Ahh have to search for it tomorrow T_T

  9. NissasarangSuJu says:

    where I can buy this mag..???
    someone help me!!!
    I live at Kajang….

    • taokeinoi90 says:

      u can buy this magazine at any 7eleven shop or mynews.com.
      some mamak book shop also got.. ๐Ÿ˜€ if u still cudn’t find it, inform me yea~* ^^

  10. kim onjil says:

    wahhh… i’m so happy for malay e-pop..i’m waiting so long for malay e-pop.. now i’m feel like so near to hanguk…fighting!!! e-pop si..

  11. syafnut says:

    *i live in ampang

  12. yukiryu says:

    epop malay version memang best giller!!
    TQ cz keluar malay version,

    sbulan keluar brape kali???

  13. akinaz89 says:

    cnie manyak chinese aje…kt popular shop ada tak..tk g survey tgk g…bile kuar??

  14. miza says:

    woaaa!! where should i buy it!! i wat it damn much!!!!!

  15. yunie says:

    epop malay version is the best!!!

  16. eirie says:

    haa susa gile crik mag nih smpai ke kl pon tk jumpe2 tp tk tau laa kt kawasan ne?
    bole sesape tlong?

  17. kpopislove says:

    help me… where 2 buy the mag?? i search 7E dun hav.. haih.. so sad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  18. Deanna says:

    it’s hard to find it in Shah Alam! x( can someone tell me which bookstore sells this magazine?

  19. amar yamato says:

    malay edtion nie sblan baper kli??
    naper lax ak ader kt coment nie..
    kwan ak yg giler bnda nie..wawa..

  20. mira kpop says:

    taniah!!!!! coz kluor kn epop versi malay bez gler!!!lw x asek2 bli epop versi cine jerk!!pape pown sye ucap kn taniah lg skali…saranghaeyo… muah…

  21. aini epop says:

    i bought the mag already…

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