[PROJECT] Super Junior 4th Anniversary

Great News, again we will collaborated in a project for Super Junior 4th Anniversary with MYSJ team.



For the boys 4th Anniversary we will join up a Charity event organized by the Rainbow of Life Forces (ROLF).


They are organizing the Grant a Wish on Children’s Day 2009.

The Plans for this Project are as below :

(1)      We are granting the wishes for Taman Megah Home (http://www.rolfcommunity.org/WishList_7.html)

Reason being, the gift presentation is on November 08 (Sunday), 11am @ Taman Megah Home Petaling Jaya.

(2)    How to participate?? :

If you want to donate alone,this is the form that you need to fill in where you will have to bear all the cost for the gift. If you can’t attend the event to present the gift to the children, representative are required.

(a) Your name + SJ member’s name

For e.g. Hikki Chan & Lee-teuk (Super Junior)

If you want to join our team donate to the children where we will collect fund together, kindly fill in the form as below :

(b) Your name/ Fans-club name + Super Junior

For e.g. Jaja Sapphire Pearl Malaysia & Super Junior

We will make fund collections from the members who want to join in the project and will make decision to grant which wish.

(3)      The Organizers participation form: http://www.rolfcommunity.org/images/Grant%20A%20Wish%20Form%20-%20Online.pdf

To join in this project, kindly send in your details to spmsia@gmail.com. Any further informations needed, kindly send your email to us too.

Please put the title of your email : [PROJECT] SJ 4th ANNIVERSARY, so that easy for us to recognise your emails.

Please send in the forms by 14 October 2009 .

*credits of info : Jasmine MYSJ*

One Response to [PROJECT] Super Junior 4th Anniversary

  1. NawalChan says:

    how i wish i can join this activity!!! T_T
    unfortunately, i have to sit for my final exam on that day. hope everything will turn out GREAT!
    fighting Malaysian ELF!!

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