091015 Lee Donghae @ Kosmo (Sunyi Tanpa Kekasih)

Super Junior being famous in Malaysia.. One by one Super Junior Member being reveal in Malaysian Kosmo.. previous i saw Kibum & Hankyung article.. & today it’s Donghae turn.. remember that Donghae appeared in Woodie Talk, Thailand Talk Show.. hae revealed that does not have a girlfriend rite know..


edited : This article can be found in page 44 inside Kosmo Hiburan section 15th October 2009. 😀

to know the full article, you can read previous Sapphirepearls International similar article bout this here


before i forgot Happy Birthday Lee Donghae..

I think the writer didn’t know that today is donghae’s Birthday… he or she should write it in the articles ^_^ but it’s ok… seeing the articles about Super Junior in our newspaper is good enough…


4 Responses to 091015 Lee Donghae @ Kosmo (Sunyi Tanpa Kekasih)

  1. Keul says:

    woaa awesome! too bad i didnt buy newspapers. T__T

  2. NawalChan says:

    what??!!! i’m so sad that i didn’t read this newspaper! T_T

    thanks for sharing anyway.

  3. cinderziera says:

    haha, donghae sunyi la sangat!
    mlm2 boleh call aku! nipu2
    hahah… lepas call aku…
    call shi plak…
    haish… snyi nye la donghae ni…

  4. artis says:


    […]091015 Lee Donghae @ Kosmo (Sunyi Tanpa Kekasih) « Sapphire Pearls Malaysia[…]…

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