A greet from me..

I’m Miraie…from N.9, but currently studying in Melaka..& 19. I’m from creative team in this SP M’sia..
well, maybe some of u have known me..sorry, coz I posted this late..I ‘m still awkward…

Actually, ..I’ve known SP M’sia last year, since I got the request to make the logo with hyun too, so I feel honoured to be a part of SP Msia team today..I will try my best here since I love suju so much & an ELF too~

My interest, I love kpop so much! & I’m pretty crazy about all computer’s stuff..lol*thats why I’m in this course* mostly..I love designing, doing people’s graphic’s request artist & more..but, those are depends on my time & idea…great idea will make great graphic~

I don’t have much graphic done recently since I was busy..so, I’ll show some of my work…sorry if its not good..I’m always updating my skills to be better..

hmm..hope u like ’em.
anyway, nice to be here!

One Response to A greet from me..

  1. Idie says:

    Hello Miraie. Idie here 🙂
    I’m from KL but currently staying & working at Batu Berendam’s Airport in Melaka
    Hope we can do meet-up and chat abt our fave boys XD lol

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