Malaysian ELF to console Kangin

As all of you had known, Kangin had been involved in a car accident which is considered a hit and run case. Read the details here about it.

MYSJ has came up with a job for us all which is now very in need of you guys, Malaysian ELF to help out. Here is how you are going to do it:-

Please proceed to the official website and post our standardized message by following the below instructions:

(1) Click on the “Fanboard” tab at the page.

(2)Click “Write” on your right hand side bottom of the page; and fill in as below

(3) ID: 말레이시아 – “Your name

example: 말레이시아 – MiaMia

(3) Subject: 영운의 곁에 엘프가 있잖아요
(4) Content:
사랑은 맹목적인 송배아니지만 당신과 함게 담당할게요.
괜찮아요, 언젠아 영운의 곁에 있을게요


Support you blindly is not our objective.

We will undertake all these difficulties together with you … because we love you …
Kim Youngwoon, we will walk on this path alongside with you.

From : “Your Name” ( 말레이시아 )

example: MiaMia (말레이시아)

(5) Password can be anything. Not being used for identification

Kindly use “Internet Explorer” to browse the Official Website, “Firefox” doesn’t allow you to leave any message in the webpage.

Please be reminded not to mention any matters with regards on the Super Show Concert to Malaysia . If you love him, please do not add-on his burden.

We greatly appreciate your participations.

Thanks to Jasmine@MYSJ for spreading this thing out. Come and show that you believe Kangin would clear himself up this time.

4 Responses to Malaysian ELF to console Kangin

  1. missmulan77 says:

    doing it rite now.. thanks for the info

  2. misshealerzz says:

    Please spread around this cause, thank you

  3. balkish says:

    actually should we copy the content given or leave our personal msg? can we write it in english?

    • misshealerzz says:

      yes, copy the content and though we had no restrictions for you to leave personal msg, its much encouraged for you to not leave one. Especially when Kangin don’t comprehend english well, hangul would be the best 🙂

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