Malay EPOP 2nd Edition

To all,
the Malay EPOP 2nd edition already out and u can buy it at any 7eleven shop,, and few bookstores. 😀
Well,.. its been out since this week but then i din got chance to post it here.
Let the pictures do the talking 😀 *sorry for low quality pic..*


The cover page for second epop was ChunJae couple.. ^^

The things related to Suju in the magazine were :

-> POP CHATROOM : SJM COMEBACK (page 20 and 21)

-> POP CHATROOM : Kim Heechul soal jawab lucu ❤ Ikhlas (page 22 and 23)


-> CUBA TEKA SAYA (consist of SJ’s baby pictures 😀 – Yesung, Heechul,Donghae and Siwon)

and not to forget ^^

Sapphirepearls Malaysia email congratulating Malay EPOP (page 81)


Buy your own copy now ^-^

2 Responses to Malay EPOP 2nd Edition

  1. miraie19 says:

    yeah..I’ve bough it already!!
    so happy~
    I bought both
    its awesome to see norfy unnie’s message on behalf of sp msia!
    everyone should have it..coz those will out of stock soon!!

  2. ila says:

    magazine ni boleh dilanggan x?
    pergi bookstore semua sold out. hmm..

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