Report on Super Junior 4th Gathering 071109

Sorry Sorry for the very late report. >.<“” quite busy lately.

anyhow,  thanks for all your patience. 🙂

Super Junior 4th Gathering Report

12.30 PM : Sapphire Pearls Malaysia and MYSJ’s committee members gathered at the Redbox Karaoke. Not-to-forget, our two beautiful epop’s reporter.

01.45 PM : Winners for the 4th Super Junior Gathering contest started to gathered and registered at the Redbox Karaoke’s front door.

01.50 PM : The winners entered the room. ( A very  interesting moment, ELFs greeted each other warmly. You can feel the LOVE)

02.00 PM : Short introduction from Jasmine (MYSJ). The party started.

02.20 PM : Video presentation about our oppas, Super Junior. Starting from the day they debut until successful as today. Watching how they struggles during their training days, and also their strong friendship among 13 of them, etc. Many ELFs shed their tears while watching it including me. hahaha

03.00 PM : Again. Video presentation showing our endless support to Kang In. (Now, everytime i listened to Marc Anthony’s My Baby You i will remembered Kang In)

03.10 PM : Getting tired sheding tears. XD Emcee’s for the day Ziera from Sapphire Pearls Malaysia & Sadako from MYSJ helped to cool down the athmosphere. ELFs being separate into 8 groups.

03.15 PM : Let the game begin. Starting with ‘Jangan Lupa Lirik’.

04.10 PM : 2nd game, called GUESS GUESS GUESS. it is a very funny game tho.

04.30 PM : Karaoke contest.

04.45 PM : CAKE time! many of ELF screamed after saw the cake. WHY? WHY? WHY? because it has Super Junior faces on top.

04.45 PM : Changing gifts.

05.00 PM : Taking picture together. Gathering dismiss.

Really have a really fun time together.

Best Compliment to :

Epop Magazine

Redbox Karaoke

MYSJ members ; and

Sapphire Pearls Malaysia members.

Not-to-forget, CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners.

Lastly lets continue together, we fill this WORLD with Pearl Sapphire Blur Balloons!

5 Responses to Report on Super Junior 4th Gathering 071109

  1. miraie_19 says:

    poor, that I cant attend due to my exam even I’m one of the committee member…huhu~
    next ime, I will not miss this..

  2. nawalchan says:

    really glad to hear that u guys had a great time.
    i wish i was there too! ^^
    do u have any pictures..? do share some with us!
    good job!~

  3. royalshii says:

    the picture will be coming soon. :))

  4. mulan77 says:

    i’ve been waiting for this report.. ^__^ thanks for sharing this..

  5. fishama87 says:


    i think you should shared about this event with malay epop^^

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