3rd Lesson Dance Class


Date: 28 November 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 10.30am – 12.30pm
Venue: KLPAC,Sentul.
Attire: MYSJ and Sapphire Pearls T-Shirt / blue colour t-shirt.

For those who don’t know where is KLPAC, kindly gather at Sentul,KTM station, 10.00am.


Registration method / further enquiries:
Email to my.sj@hotmail.com

SUBEJCT: 3rd Lesson Dance Class
Contact number:
Do you need assistance to lead you to KLPAC? (Yes / No)

Registration due date: 27 November 2009, 11:59pm

** We need 40-50 members be principal dancers in this event,and for transportation and accommodation for principal dancers is fully sponsored by organizer..


credit : Karen MYSJ

One Response to 3rd Lesson Dance Class

  1. Fishy says:

    Is this still on?

    Why the hell I notice this late. Hermmm. anyway, if there is still classes or if you guys are starting to learn a new dance routine please do inform. Would love to join.

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