EPOP O3 ( December Issues )

Guys… i just get the news from my friends… don’t forget to get your copy of epop 03 issue..

there are some stories about our boys.. i didn’t my copy yet… i definitely gonna find it..

the best part they put the Goong T from SUJU T Idol World… & in BM hahahah gonna love this..

here some pictures

all pictures credit to airahthislove@forumcari

please put full credit if taken out..

15 Responses to EPOP O3 ( December Issues )

  1. myn_ELF says:

    i’ve bought it yesterday..well,the goong T is really funny since heechul act as a woman..but,the ending is sad coz teukie die..huhu^___^

  2. peep says:

    mane ea nk dpt e-pop ni?
    susah la nk cari..
    cari yg 2nd edition tu pn xjumpe..

  3. Fey says:

    i can’t wait to get one copy for me.
    *rushing to my mom (mak, nak duittt!)

  4. jij says:

    wamma buy it..popular ader x..??

  5. wani kyuhyun says:

    i bought it at my news… so sad coz not able to get the 1st issue…. =(

  6. fadhlin says:

    epop susah nak cari.. certain place je ade.. tu pon cepat habis..
    popular ade yg bahasa cina only..
    if u r chinese.. u can buy it there..

  7. lulufadya says:

    susah gak ah nk jmpe mag neyy. salu jumpe cine version jew. erm,, but, luckily i got one.. bli kat stesn minyak 🙂 nway, thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Joanna says:

    Heechul part is very funny 😛

  9. ash says:

    i just got my copy yesterday..so sad coz i can’t find da 1st n 2nd issue..da last time, hbs 1 mid valley cari, tp still xjmpa.

  10. heyy where can i get this? kedai magazine biasa ada jual kee? and dia dalam bahasa melayu je eehhh? english takda?

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