1Population 1World: The Largest Dance Class

If you still remember our last entry about New Year Eve Countdown; you should know that Malaysia ELF are going to join hand with UNICEF in the attempt to break the world record as Largest Dance Class.

We are glad to inform you guys that if you come over as the participants (dancers); you’re going to get free transportation to Penang and free accommodation.

If you would like to come over but not as a dancer, the package inclusive of transportation+accommodation+breakfast is RM228. Why not come over and do the dance together? Here is how you can join this cause!

Please read the terms and conditions here and if you are interested, please fill up this form and send to spmsia@gmail.com. Please remember to register as ‘Sapphirepearls Malaysia‘ member. If you’re below 16, here is a Parent Consent Form you need to give us as well.

Please submit your form only if you’re confirm to go and send it to us before 20th December 2009, Sunday.

Please remember to wear MYSJ+SPMalaysia T-shirt on the event and do learn how to do the dance in advance so we would not mess up so bad on that particular day.

Here is the information about 1P1W. And here is the dance demo you can learn at home 😀 Mirrored version to make it more easier to learn would come up soon. Please anticipate.

Let us all fill the world with sapphire blue balloons together ^^

8 Responses to 1Population 1World: The Largest Dance Class

  1. mynheartsuju says:

    maaf,sy nk tanya tarikh brtolak dan blk brape haribln?kalau umur 16 kena isi parent consent form ke?lg satu,klu practise dance tu kat rumah je boleh participate sbgi dancer x? thanks

    • misshealerzz says:

      Selagi anda adalah dibawah umur dan masih dibawah jagaan, anda dikehendaki mengisi dan menghantar kpd kami borang tersebut. Tarikh bertolak ke Penang adalah 30 atau 31hb. 1hb kita akan bertolak pulang 🙂 Ya, boleh. Saya adalah antara manusia yang berlatih dirumah sbb bermastautin terlalu jauh (JB) ^^

  2. mynheartsuju says:

    sorry but i don’t have the t-shirt..where can i get one?pliz help

  3. karen says:

    to mynheartsuju,

    don’t worry ,mysj got extra order,you can purchase from us on event day too …
    we only have size M & L …
    pls inform to fiza or norfy about wat size you wan lol …
    thanks …

  4. mynheartsuju says:

    o_o..thankz a lot sis…when i got permissions from my parents, i’ll send the form to participate as soon as possible…suju rulez..
    kansahamida 🙂

  5. super junior-Man says:

    lagu wonder girl dah main kat hot.fm…suju ble???

  6. belin says:

    I’m sorry i was just wondering how much the T-shirt will cost me?

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