[DOWNLOAD] 1population 1world: dance video (mirrored)

Download it please, I couldn’t upload it at YouTube. Laptop is slow.


Sorry for taking my own sweet time for this ^^; Here is the mirrored version of the 1p1w dance so you could practice at home.   A mirrored one is made so you could do the exact steps without thinking of it as right or left 😀

And just to remind you what dance am I talking about, please read it here ^^

One Response to [DOWNLOAD] 1population 1world: dance video (mirrored)

  1. mulan77 says:

    i’m dling it.. even i can’t join the event T_T at least it really got for exercising… thanks norfy… today i read on kosmo.. i saw about the event.. really anticipate to see you guys in action…

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