SUCCESS-Sapphirepearls Malaysia Dance Team Debut Stage!

On the 22nd Dec 2009,
for the very first time Sapphirepearls International Sub-team, Sapphirepearls Malaysia
had made their dance team debut stage at 사랑해요 (Saranghaeyo) Korea Night organized by Korea Plaza.
Many fanclubs,classes and Kpop fans who came that day.
and HAPPY to inform all of you that Sapphirepearls Malaysia Dance team had WON second prize at the event!

Sapphirepearls Malaysia Dance team

With Manager and co-managers.

Here are some photos’ of the day. 🙂

Thanks to all the ELFs and supporters that day. Seeing blue balloons being waved and the shouts of the audiences indeed are GREAT!

Sapphirepearls Malaysia dance team which is named as PEARLS will always try to do our best to improve and make interesting performances to come. Please Anticipate~*

p/s : The dance team members are not professional dancers so please understand if we did mistakes 😛

SISTERHOOD! THANKS A BUNCH TO MYSJ TEAM ~ WE LOVE YOU GUYS~ They did an AWESOME performance of Superjunior Genie Star Dance Battle dance too~

photo credits : Royalshii,Hazriq Ishak,Park Ireuma,MYSJ team

3 Responses to SUCCESS-Sapphirepearls Malaysia Dance Team Debut Stage!

  1. yin says:

    yay ! too bad i couldnt attend T_T
    but glad u guys did well and had fun !
    congratulations !! ^^

  2. Hyun Ah says:

    waaaaaaaaa~ i’m proud of u all… chukahae~
    huhu~~~ yup3 too bad i can’t see da debut…

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