Breaking Announcement!! [UPDATED WITH LINKS]

First of all, the members who had ordered the OnlySJ T-Shirt which we regard as a symbol of unity to our Super Junior fandom in Malaysia; the t-shirts are going to be sent to you in January 2010. Our apologize for making you guys waiting for so long, it was something unavoidable and none of us would like to let you guys wait for any longer. We hope you would understand our situation.

Just to inform you guys that Sapphirepearls Malaysia is MOVING their announcement blog  due to some technical reasons. It is going to be fresh and there are lots of things for you guys to look out for. The new blog would be up soon right on 1st January 2010.

Also, at the same date, we are going to debut Malaysia’s very own spazzing place! Yes, dudes and babes, the FORUM for you to join the fun and interact with other Super Junior lovers in Malaysia! Its going to be bilingual, Bahasa and English so it’s some where you can be very comfortable at!

12:00 a.m. (8+ GMT) we are going to post the links to our new blog and forum right here, in this post. Please anticipate both of the changes we are about to make and we hardly can’t wait to get to know you guys there! ^^

Let us all wish goodbye to 2009 with nostalgic feelings and welcome 2010 with all the hopes we had in our heart 😀

Here is our Forum Link

and New blog link!
However, its still under maintenance due to some sort of problem with out blogger account. Stay tuned to it, it’ll be there shortly to cater your news of MalaysiaXSuper Junior 😀

Please give them a lots of love 😀 Thank you for staying with us!

9 Responses to Breaking Announcement!! [UPDATED WITH LINKS]

  1. nawalchan says:

    no wonder i didn’t get my t-shirt yet. and yay!! can’t wait to join the blog! :3
    thanks for the announcement and happy new year~ ^^

  2. eunhoon says:

    yeay!!i will get my shirt soon…^__^
    really waiting for the forum…keke

  3. arina says:


    i just register to be an elf today. how can i get this t-shirt too and how much it’s cost?
    i would like to have one 🙂

  4. quentin says:

    np bleh baca pun blog, only to invited readers only… 😦

  5. fieynazu says:

    macam mane nak join forum?kene sign up kat mane?

  6. fieynazu says:

    never mind, dah bole sign up dah,x perasan benda 2 kat atas skali,hehe

  7. eyqamyqa says:

    i nak order tshirt pls.
    nak pakai time super show.
    cam ne nak order nie !?

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