Greetings to All

Hi, welcome!!!

Sapphirepearls Malaysia is actually a sub team from the Sapphirepearls International team.We are the representative of  ELF Malaysia with a vision to gather ALL the Malaysian ELF no matter what region, races, languages, etc.
The international blog :

This blog is created for all E.L.Fs of Malaysia.

It will encounter your hunger in Super Junior latest news, current schedule, latest updates on Cyworld, latest shows and performances and etc.

We will also announce any news on any projects or activities that Sapphire Pearls will be conducting.

The first Malaysian E.L.F Gathering was already a success on the 7th of March 2009.

The cake that we ate~

The cake that we ate~

Hope that the bond between the Malaysian E.L.F will grow much stronger in future time and feel free to join us.

Thank You.

Author’s Note:

Any questions or suggestions feel free to email us at

p/s: we speak malay too 🙂

37 Responses to Greetings to All

  1. azimah says:

    camne kte nk kenalan dgn lebih rapat semua?ada social network? or sj website for malaysia fans?

  2. fishama87 says:

    Official website SJ utk fan Malaysia masih tiada… tapi if you want any updates of you have any question about SUPER JUNIOR, you can ask here..we will help you to know more about them…
    thanks for visiting our blog

  3. chupa13 says:

    hello there..
    may i ask you something? why is sapphire protected? it says “This blog is protected, to view it you must log in.” i did registered just to log in into sapphire pearls but it didnt work. when i typed my username and password and clicked log in, it stil says the same thing: “This blog is protected, to view it you must log in.” i always go there to read updates/news about suju. can anyone help me?

  4. fishama87 says:

    now you can enter the blog back..they close the blog for a moment because some reason..and it for a good cause..hope you can visit back the blog…

  5. husna aisyah says:

    kene register ke fanclub ni?
    macamane nk follow up with malaysian ELFs? 🙂

  6. Aniza Mohd Anuar says:

    ca anyone tell me super junior’s address in Seoul?
    i cannot find it

    • taokeinoi90 says:

      I have the address in my sorry sorry album but currently the album is kept safely at my other soon as i go to the house i’ll post it here yea ^^ sorry late reply..

  7. panda says:

    hello 🙂
    Im the one who met you guys at times square -July 4th :0

    • taokeinoi90 says:

      hey hazriq ^^ i remember u.. do support us always yea.. we are happy to meet u and ur frenz that day.. hope to c u again.. good luck with ur studies yea! Hwaiting!!

  8. Nicky says:

    jz nk tau…camna nk send benda kat Super JUni-OR…
    i hv sumtihin’ nk bg…
    any help???

    tq very much!!!

    • taokeinoi90 says:

      hm,.. why don’t u join sjworld punya project.. 🙂 they usually send stuffs to the boys.. ^^ link ada kat atas.. next time, we from SPmsia hoping to have more projects to come.. one of it maybe sending presents/gifts to the sj boys.. 🙂

  9. quentin says:


    jemputan ni dh ditutup eh? 😦

  10. quentin says:

    korang x nk buat majlis b’buka puasa ke or sambutan hari raya? mesti best…

    • taokeinoi90 says:

      oh.. that’s a good idea.. we’re still discussing bout this.. maybe sambutan hari raya kitaorg boleh buatkan.. apa2 pun just wait yea..nanti kitaorg inform through this blog.. thanks for supportin us.. 🙂

  11. chocfeez says:

    mcm mana nak join elf malaysia dan korg nya activities~selalu ja miss—

  12. 성민sungminism마리아 says:

    how stupid i am to not noticed this website all this time…슈주 KRY,T,M,H 파이팅!!!

  13. taokeinoi90 says:

    hey sungminism.. Welcome to our site and thanks for visiting~* ^-^

  14. lalaismail says:

    I’m so sorry. I always become a silent reader here. I thought I want to starts become stand out after PMR but that’s just too long. And my patient have reach the limits XD Anyway, Good luck to all Malaysian ELFs and hope that I can meet all the Msian’s ELF soon. Fighting ^__^

  15. Coxx says:

    Hello! AHAHAH! I never knew Malaysia had a website for Suju. :D.
    Hope we’ll see each other soon. :DD
    Btw, is SJ coming down here next year?

  16. Coxx says:

    Oh, btw, i think your head bar spelt sapphire wrong. 😡

  17. fishama87 says:

    TQ for your correction..we already made the new one..

    Support our blog more..and hope you can join us in any event or incoming project~

  18. f4yt3 says:

    just a question, is this site only for girls? because i couldn’t see any guys around

  19. f4yt3 says:

    thanks for the info. please don’t get me wrong for asking such question, just out of curiosity. just want to know, why is sapphire pearl malaysia not an official e.l.f malaysia? is there any official e.l.f malaysia?

  20. e-mah says:

    is it confirmed they will come 2 msia 4 super show 2?

    here’s the link

  21. rainbow++ says:

    hey im just wondering if you can help spread know about the MAMA’s award right..its about it..i really hope that you guys can help..

    please!!please!! vote for super junior ..if u’re a malay or u understood malay and you dont know how to vote,go here?its not in malay actually but in bahasa indonesia but what the heck malays usually understood indonesians too >>
    please please vote for them because now some other group is leading!!NOW..get up and and start voting!!come on ELF..we can do this..and win this!!yeah…

    so sapphirepearls Malaysia i really really hope that you guys can help spreading this..coz i know that all ELF really wanted suju to win this..and yes including me..and if you guys cant help,.then its can delete my comment..i dont mind..

  22. super junior-Man says:

    any guy here???

  23. yasmin says:

    do u guys have any activities lately?

  24. eyqamyqa says:

    korang adekan gathering each other ke ? mean, some date//activities to all elf malaysian. if ade, how can I join it ? I interest with this.

  25. MimieJay says:

    Yeah finally Malaysian Kpop fans!

    I’mma ELF too!

  26. lsuetl says:

    i can’t get into sapphirepearls, they keep having the “please log in to wordpress” i logged in but still cannot 😦 someone please help me.. tell me why.. thanks

    • taokeinoi90 says:

      Sapphirepearls International just being closed for awhile only as too many bashings. Its not closed forever. no worries the blog is back ady~

  27. alyssalin says:

    umm.. the original sapphirepearls protected their blog just now, do you know why? I’m hoping they won’t keep it that way.

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