Sapphirepearls Malaysia Organization



Our main vision :

To gather all the Malaysian E.L.F



Vice President



Alia Asyila



Spokesperson- Public Relation

Miss Healerzz

Event Team




Creative Team

Nurul Hidayah







Farhana Syolehah

Park Lisa




cr : nanfengjin@photobucket

cr : raylamfon@photobucket

cr : teukkykung@ photobucket

23 Responses to Sapphirepearls Malaysia Organization

  1. taokeinoi90 says:

    Stay Tune to join our team and become one of SPMsia member.. Please do support our upcoming events too ^^ Let’s fill the world with Pearl Sapphire Blue Balloons.. ELF + SJ = ONE LOVE!

  2. miewa says:

    sies cambez laa..byk info bleyh dpt kt sni..thnx very much to k.ziera..n gudluck guys…SuJu hwaiting!

  3. balkish says:

    all this while i’ve been messsaging with fiza not knowing she’s the sp malaysia president..OMG..mianhae pres…

  4. bebyteukie says:

    i wanna join^^,

    • taokeinoi90 says:

      hey dear 🙂 welcome to the blog 😀
      u want to join us?? That’s so great.. ^^
      You are most welcomed to join us.. We have updated on how to join the team already..
      just click on it and u will know how to join us.. ^^

  5. suju_only13 says:

    i want to join too!!^_^

  6. akinaz89 says:

    can i join too??omo~~slama nie cari ELF Malaysia tak jumpe…upenyer SapphirePearls Malaysia…ahaks…

  7. LuffSuJu says:

    thanks for create this community!! and i’m really glad to be one of the ELFs.. and.. i’ve post the details that you need…

  8. eirie says:

    yess suju forever!
    baru jmpe website and tros rase hppy sbb ELF malaysia akn dikumpul kan.
    btw fighting!
    saye suda join^^

  9. Snowy says:

    can u email me when suju will come to malaysia? because i really wanna go there… -^^- (

  10. miraie19 says:

    LuffSuju & eirie:

    thanks for joining us!
    stay tune with us for more updates, ok!

  11. cleosha says:

    even i’m in the comittee, this is the first time i really check this community…sorry guys really looking forward to see all of love for SUJU!!

  12. park baram says:

    sye da join gak…proud to be malaysian!!!haha..

  13. super junior-Man says:

    i’m a big fan of super junior.
    it is have a guy member in malaysian elf or fan????
    or im the only guy……?????

    • taokeinoi says:

      no worries.. ur not the only guy..
      there’s plenty more fanboy who join us and be sapphirepearls member.. 🙂
      btw, Welcome to Sapphirepearls to u..
      keep on supporting us and Suju yea..

  14. mynheartsuju says:

    bestla coz ada jugak malaysia punyer kelab peminat suju..kat mne bleh sy beli baju sapphire pearl?

  15. saranghaeSUJU says:

    ha’ah la..
    bila plak lagu suju nak play..

    btw, thanks for this blog !!
    i’ve been looking for malaysian ELF.. finally found it !!!
    thanks !! komawo *bow bow*

  16. anis says:

    nak jugak beli baju sapphire pearls…harap2 ada jual later,,ok…cemburu kat diaorg yg akan ada dan dah ade baju tu…saya baru je join this team..hope to get happy news later..suju saranghae!!

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